Finished reading: Soonish by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith 📚

Another ‘prominently featured on a library shelf’ find that caught my attention partly because of the authors' name - I’ve spent many hours reading Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and there was definitely a time during my PhD when reading the day’s new comics (along with XKCD and others) was just part of my routine.

This condenses what was surely a lot of research down into digestible summaries - punctuated with humour - about how some new technologies might change the world. It’s almost a shame that it’s not longer; I suspect a lot of material had to be cut just to get it down to the already sizeable read it is.

This is approachable for anyone not already familiar with these fields, and the authors use some clever analogies to explain the concepts.

Worth a read, for sure. It will be interesting to see how much of it plays out as they predict.